26 Ways to Love a Friend

Despite our always connected state, we are living in age where we are emotionally more distant from others than ever before. Sometimes we yearn for our 'village', but building that village is as easy as reaching out.
Thoughtfulness is a muscle. Once worked, you'll find that it gets stronger over time. 
Here is a small brainstorm of ways to love a friend, to get you started. ♥️
  1. Send them a handwritten card
  2. Send them a text with an article they might find interesting
  3. Send them flowers
  4. Bake something yummy and share a sample!
  5. Plan an outing in the near future
  6. Venmo them $5 to buy their next drink
  7. Give them a call (or FaceTime)
  8. Thoughtfully comment on their social media activity
  9. Send positive thoughts (or prayers) towards that person
  10. Offer to help them with a project they are working on—or just keep them company!
  11. Make them a seasonal gift (e.g. live holiday wreath around the holidays)
  12. Send a simple “thinking of you!” text
  13. Set a reminder of an event in their life, and then follow up to see how it went
  14. Invite over for a spontaneous, simple movie or wine night
  15. Connect them to someone in your network because you ‘just know they will click’
  16. When talking to others in your circle, compliment your friend. Kind words have a way of making their way around.
  17. Think of a way they could use help and offer it (e.g. babysitting, picking up groceries)
  18. Pass a book forward
  19. Send a text recommending a show they NEED to watch
  20. Genuinely celebrate accomplishments and take them to happy hour or dinner!
  21. Always assume positive intent and respond to every situation compassionately
  22. Share something about your life with them
  23. Know their skills and ask their advice about them
  24. Put your phone away and give them your undivided attention
  25. Invite them to share events with you (e.g. concerts, movies)
  26. Brighten their day with a porch drop off of a thoughtful small gift

Do you have others? Drop us a comment below. 👇

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