Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe

The word “tincture” sometimes sounds scary or too advanced, but we actually use tinctures almost every time we bake without using term itself.

What is a tincture?

Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts made by soaking the bark, berries, leaves (dried or fresh) or roots from one or more plants in alcohol or vinegar. Tinctures make it easy to consume the natural health-boosting chemicals found in some plants, are usually inexpensive to make and can be easily prepared at home.

Homemade Vanilla Recipe Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe

Homemade vanilla extract (or a vanilla tincture) is clean, easy and cost effective. Considering the fact that supermarket vanilla extract is expensive and fairly weak, this is a very easy and worthwhile alternative. It only requires a glass bottle, vanilla beans and vodka.

NOTE: Make sure to buy at least 80 proof vodka (I used 100 proof). This ensures that you can get a full extraction from your vanilla beans.

1. Combine beans and vodka in a glass bottle 
2. Label with ingredients and date
3. Store somewhere with indirect light at least 8 weeks, although many recommend 6-12 months. 

Health Benefits of Vanilla

When you prepare your vanilla tincture from the bean, you are getting the most medicinal properties out of your plant. Vanilla is rich in antioxidants which fights free radicals, fights inflammation, slows the aging process and supports vibrant skin and hair.

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