Spring-Blooming Bulbs to Plant in the Fall

The weather starts to cool and leaves begin to fall. As we start the process of moving inward for the winter months, planting is not a task that is top of mind. That said, one simple task can bring a lot of joy in six short months.

Taking the time to plant spring bulbs (and it’s not much time) brings joy to gardeners every year. If you are interested in getting started, here is a short list of the most common bulbs to start you out right.

Even though this post is titled ‘bulbs’, this list includes plants that go beyond just bulbs. Just to clarify, there are 5 actual categories:

• True ‘bulbs’
• Corms
• Rhizomes
• Tubers
• Tuberous roots

Daffodils are one of the distinctive signs that spring is here!  They have graceful, trumpet-shaped flowers on beautiful, bright green stems.  Typically, the flowers are various shades of yellow/orange, with white flowers being less abundant. 

Tulips provide a welcoming variety of rich colors in the spring season with their stunning flowers and they look spectacular when planted along with other bulbs for a mixed effect.

Crocus flowers sprout from the corm as opposed to a true bulb and there are plenty of spring crocus types that you can try.

Hyacinths have a strong fragrance which definitely signals spring to me.  Make sure to plant them in full sun or part shade.  Some of the best varieties of these are Carnegie, Dark Dimension, and Delft Blue.

Alliums are gorgeous and unique ornamentals, tasty edibles, and some varieties have sculptural seed heads that can be dried and used as striking home décor.

Snowdrops are always a beautiful sight when you see them emerging around late winter or early spring, with their ‘nodding’ heads of flowers. They grow into clumps and especially grow this way in the moist soil.

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