What Are The Omen Days?

For those that celebrate the Christmas holiday, it's easy to get swept up in the rush of seasonal rushing, shopping and celebrating. Then on December 26th, it's tempting to sigh a deep breath and move on to the next area of focus. 
Although if you are working to move mindfully with the seasons, there is a powerful opportunity to move with into the new year with intention and reflection.

What are the Omen Days?

The Omen Days (also known as the 12 Days of Christmas) mark the intercalary days of the year. Intercalary days are the days left over from the solar year and are deemed special around the world because they are considered to be days outside time.
Within these twelve days lies a wonderful secret. Each of the twelve days is assigned to a month of the coming year:
  • December 26th correlates to January
  • December 27th correlates to February
  • December 28th correlates to March
  • December 29th correlates to April
  • December 30th correlates to May
  • December 31st correlates to June
  • January 1st correlates to July
  • January 2nd correlates to August
  • January 3rd correlates to September
  • January 4th correlates to October
  • January 5th correlates to November 
  • January 6th correlates to December.
The idea is that signs on the specific day observe the signs in nature and divine from them the state of the year to come. The omens experienced on each of the Omen Days indicate the nature of each month in the coming year.

Practices for the Omen Days

To honor the Omen Days, your practice can be simple. At its most basic, observe signs around you and make meaning of them. There is no wrong way to do this, but there are ways to structure your practice to make it more accessible. 

  • Take a walk and observe nature. Notice what you notice and keep a journal. If you choose to ascribe meaning to it (e.g. a certain rock arrangement or seeing a specific animal), consider listening to your intuition rather than referring to a guidebook. This is a great opportunity to exercise your inner voice and ear. 
  • Pull a tarot card each day. This is a simple way to structure the practice and keep a log. If your deck comes with a guidebook, maybe refer to its meaning but also pay attention to what comes up in your own spirit as well.
  • Keep a dream log. Dreams are always a powerful tool, but during these Omen Days, they can be an especially useful tool to look towards the year ahead.

Whatever your beliefs, the Omen Days offer the opportunity to understand the year ahead and stretch your practice of meditation and reflection.

Infographic explaining the definition for The Omen Days: The Omen Days (also known as the 12 Days of Christmas) mark the intercalary days of the year. Intercalary days are the days left over from the solar year and are deemed special around the world because they are considered to be days outside time.

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