Why (And How) to Shop for Impact Over Convenience

This year was not the year that any of us expected. Social distancing, lockdowns and mask mandates left many of us with a much smaller world than what we knew previously.

This Holiday, Give Gifts With a Mission

For those of us with financial flexibility, we have a responsibility to make our dollars work for us and our community. Even though our holiday gatherings may be more distant than years past, you will likely be shopping for those in your community. 

Take the time to research products that support local communities, small businesses and feed the community of responsible business.

The truth is, the big retailers are squeezing small business out because we're letting them. Sure, two day shipping is convenient and the prices may be slightly more competitive, but let's reframe it. Every dollar you spend with a small or independent business is quite literally helping someone accomplish their life's dream. While that dollar means a lot less to a massive retailer.

Vendor Spotlight: Thistle Farms

Dig deeper and you'll find a lot of independent business go far beneath the surface. Thistle Farms, for example, is a flourishing enterprise that offers a family of home goods, bath and body products as well as other goodies. Their products are beautiful, but even  more powerful is their mission.

Just because many of us are in our homes doesn't mean that the entire world also stops. The unfortunate truth is human trafficking and struggles with an addiction is at an all time high. This pandemic, and the high rates of job loss in its wake, raised the stakes for those who already looked at an uphill battle of financial and legal struggles.

When Thistle Farms started more than 20 years ago, they sought to tackle that challenge head on. What started as a cottage operation of a small team of recovering women pouring candles to sell grew exponentially into the current community today. 

Give the gift of a Thistle Farms candle to light up a loved ones home, but also light the way home for a woman in need. 


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