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Create a lush vertical plantscape in the sun-deprived spaces of your home. Better yet, no table-space required.

This growlight beautifully frames and thoughtfully nourishes plants of all light requirements. 


  • LED Lightbulbs - produces a natural white light with long lifespan LEDs.
  • Smart App Enabled - customize programming and pairing recommendations for partial shade, partial sun and full sun plants.
  • Home Decor Friendly - fit your houseplants in your home decor when you choose one of three gorgeous colors: matte white, matte black and emerald.

Plant pairings are endless! Try ferns, orchids and calatheas in the bathroom; herbs and leafy greens in the kitchen; air-purifying plants like aloe, English ivy and rubber plant for the living room; and aromatic flora like lavender, chamomile and sage for the bedroom.

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